The Easy Jet trainer may not be the most beautiful or sleek of jet designs, but that was never the intention. Designed and produced from the offset to be a simple and rugged model that is so stable and easy to fly, that any RC pilot can experience the joy and pleasure of flying a RC turbine model, regardless of their flying skills. Built using traditional Balsa wood and plywood, means the Easy jet is not only very light and strong, it is also easy to repair if the unexpected were to happen. Another design feature is the fact that no complicated, heavy or expensive retract system is required to operate the easy jet. Once again, the back to basics approach may not suit everyone, but it does insure that the most simple, lightest and lowest budget RC turbine aircraft is achievable.
We understand that the styling may not be to everyone's liking, but here our goal is to get as many people flying jets as possible, and we understand that some may be put off or intimidated by the complex nature of some of the so called jet trainers on the market today. Hopefully the easy jet will offer an alternative to those wanting something that bit easier!
Ideally suited to the smaller turbines such as the Jet cat P-60, Wren 54 etc, or even those home built turbines that maybe do not produce enough power to fly the bigger heavier jet aircraft that seem so common place in today's market. No need for exotic or expensive servos. Small control surfaces, short positive control linkages and relative low top speeds mean that almost any standard size servo is useable (depending on turbine fitted).


João Matos